Inspection Report Dept Licensing Inspt Permit

Inspection Report Dept Licensing Inspt Permit

To report an official Blight Report, download and complete this form. You can hand it in at our next meeting or email to and it will be sent to a Blight Officer.


One response to “Inspection Report Dept Licensing Inspt Permit

  • Kelly

    1934 Jackson St is a blight property. I have complained to the City’s Dept of Inspections about garbage piled on the front porch and also of the overgrown back yard with debris and garbage piled back there also. The garbage was removed from the front porch but the backyard has not been cleaned up and out. There are feral cats living in the brush and debris and under the deck of the property. There have also been vagrants in and out of the house and rummaging around in the yard and shed on the property. It is a condemned house which was bought at auction in March, of this year, and nothing has been done with the property. The foundation is caving in and there is potential for lots of problems with this property. Please help get this property cleaned up or demolished as it should be torn down since it is a real safety concern and also an eyesore in Weat Scranton. Thank you.

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